The company’s goals are to provide quality printing accommodations and high-quality innovative advertising solutions. APLANATE uses both innovative and industry-standard software and hardware interfaces, which have been recommended by technology bellwethers of the printing industry.

We have state of the art equipment including:

Wide Format Printer(s)

  • ROLAND™ Model SJ 745-Ex

Printing-bed width 76″, Printing resolution 1440 dpi

  • ROLAND™ Model RS 640

Printing-bed width 64″, Printing resolution 1440 dpi

  • KJet+ – Konica-Minolta 4 Head Printer

Printing-bed width 126″, 512 Nozzels, 42 pl Heads

  • KJet – Konica-Minolta 4 Head Printer

Printing-bed width 126″, 512 Nozzels, 42 pl Heads

We have recently invested in a K Jet – Konica-Minolta 4 Head Printer high performance Solvent printer. This provides us with an incipient standard in grand format printing providing us with an unparalleled cumulation of high haste, productivity, quality and green advantages.

Commonly used materials are as follows:

    • Back-lit Flex
    • Front-lit Banner
    • Vinyl
    • Mash
    • One Way Vision
    • Satin
    • Canvas


Offset Printer(s)

  • Heidelberg Offset Press

Maximum Sheet Size 19″ x 26″


Laser Cutter and Engraving Machines(s)

  • CMA 1390
    • Bed Size: 52″ x 38″
    • Cutting Size: 48.5″ x 36″
  • CMA 960-T (twin head)
    • Bed Size: 36″ x 24″
    • Cutting Size: 30.5″ x 22″

As specialists in Engraving we have moved with the times and have now had the capability of laser cutting and marking in house for over 2 years. This process has a number of different applications and can be used on a wide range of materials. Whether cutting complex shapes or simple letters, the laser vectors materials with ease.

Commonly used materials are as follows:

    • Wood
    • Acrylic
    • Glass
    • Plastic
    • Fiberglass
    • Rubber
    • Paper
    • Marble
    • Leather
    • Cloth
    • Aluminium


Lamination Machines(s)

  • Cold Laminator

Lamination width 60″