Billboards or Hoardings and Banners (Front-lit Flex Printing)

Billboard (additionally kenned as Hoardings) and banners are a very efficacious way of advertising on goods or accommodations, they provide a bold, unique element to indoor and alfresco marketing campaigns. Billboard are utilized for exhibit in public places such as alongside of highways or on diligent city streets. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, banners are the go-to marketing implement for companies in desideratum of ocular perceiver-catching, customized promotional programs. Billboard and banner plays a very consequential role in giving publicity to masses. APLANATE is prominent for front lit flex printing. We, at APLANATE, print (front-lit flex) banners and billboards on a range of materials at up to 1440 dpi full color process for indoor & alfresco use. Our state-of-the-art process distributes crisp consistent colors and high resolution reproduction for clear sharp images and text at virtually any distance. We offer custom-designed printing on different materials, sanctioning for brands, logos, slogans, and more to be highly visible on banners both sizably voluminous and minute. We additionally supply and install a gamut of frames and support systems to exhibit your banner and billboards in the most efficacious location